2017 Photoshop World Guru Award

Attending Photoshop World 2017 was a great experience, I can’t believe we had never been. It was great to be around other creatives with similar mindsets to have a good time and build each other up. I don’t think I will be missing another one.

And winning the 2017 Photoshop World Guru Award in Photography was such a great honor. It is great to get paid for your work, but to be judged by your peers and some of the best in the industry I don’t think you can put a dollar amount on that.

Creative Chroma guarantees full compliance with US and international regulations and policies specific to the commercial UAV industry. All operators are certified pilots adhering to the rules and requirements of national shared airspace.


Creativity and Reliability

Creative Chroma is a South Florida based full-service video & photo production company. We produce award-winning national and regional content ranging from local magazine ads to nationwide television commercials and everything in between. High quality production without an attitude is what we are known for. Throughout the creative process we never lose sight of the most important element of a production: meeting the needs of our clients.








Beauty and Fashion are difficult to light and these guys do it beautifully.

Abraham Sprinkle

Celebrity Hair Stylist

I had the pleasure of working with Dalton and Claudio on several projects for Keratin Complex, where they continually exceeded our expectations and were able to work with in our budget. I look forward to working with them more in the future.

Cassandra Bucalo

Creative Director, Keratin Complex

We brought Dalton on as Creative Director to transition our magazine from a local to a regional publication. From photography and design to managing our creative staff, he had the creative vision and experience to bring our magazine to a another level.

Scott Bailey

Founder, Swoop Magazine

South Florida