2017 Photoshop World Guru Award

Attending Photoshop World 2017 was a great experience, I can’t believe I had never been. It was great to be around other creatives with similar mindsets to have a good time and build each other up. I don’t think I will be missing another one.

And winning the 2017 Photoshop World Guru Award in Photography was such a great honor. It is great to get paid for your work but to be judged by your peers and some of the best in the industry I don’t think you can put a dollar amount on that.


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Born and raised in Florida I picked up my mom’s camera when I was 10 and never put it down, I knew I wanted to make pictures. After high school, I attended the University of Florida and then I moved to Daytona Beach where I worked on various projects and building my book. I got the opportunity to head to Los Angeles to work for Turbo Magazine and Import Tuner. After a few years on staff I decided to branch out on my own again and started pursuing more of a career in advertising working in all creative aspects from photography to creative direction and production. In the last 10 years I wanted another photography challenge and started shooting underwater photography. Working in these different genres have made me a very well rounded creative.







Beauty and Fashion are difficult to light and Dalton does it beautifully. Abraham Sprinkle

Celebrity Hair Stylist

I’ve been working with Dalton for the last couple of  years and I have learned a lot about lighting and he has given this company a facelift to it’s images that it needed. Claudio Calderon

Multimedia Manager, Keratin Complex

We brought Dalton on as Creative Director to transition our magazine from a local to a regional publication. From photography and design to managing our creative staff, he had the creative vision and experience to bring our magazine to a another level. Scott Bailey

Founder, Swoop Magazine

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